Page Turner and her colleague, Doña Read, live in a small traveling suburb called Read Writing Hood. They must get to Pyreadmid City to visit the sage, Ms. Tree, for reasons still unknown, but are being thwarted by the mood of Read Writing Hood, who is not only a city millions of times larger than they are, she is also a personality with hopes, dreams and plans of her own.

As a product of her generation of towns, Hood is irresistibly drawn to a huge concert called Bookstock, where other towns would be inhaling letters, words, even entire phrases. The Librarian only knows what all of these new ideas would mean to the microscopic cosmos which had created the towns and of whom Page and Doña were members. Think of the memory needed to store the thoughts!

After many grand adventures with outlandish characters in outlandish places, a stranger named Bea Hive helps them change the direction of their town as they learn to write their own stories and discover when they have had too much ink.