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Character 31

Woman with scrolls coming out of her hair, sitting on bench
I am a recording device. I am becoming all that I record.
I will bewitch you with my moooo-ving story; you may never leave my field of dreams.
fantasy image of a living wall by san francisco fine artist sarah curtiss

I am The Wall. You will come across me many times in your journey. Sometimes you will think you have broken me down. But I am many in one. You will run into me again.

Parallel Universes

fine art pencil drawing by san francisco artist sarah curtiss of profiles dripping with more faces and representing parallel universes
I am one in many and many in one.
I represent the infinite possibilities of parallel universes.
All things are possible. All things will happen…somewhere.

The Attack of Ignorance

I was once a renowned educational system.
But I have been beaten and robbed by Ignorance,
my sworn enemy.
My foundations have been rocked; 
I am no longer well-stacked.
Bits and pieces of my knowledge are being blown to the winds,
never to be reassembled as me again.
I alone stand between you and Ignorance,
the eater of souls, the extinguisher of light.

Help me, Page Turner and Dona Read, Help me.


The story is scrambled; the path between Eggcentricity and Eggistential is strewn with the shells of those who cracked on the journey. Will she Eggsist much longer?

Egghead Revisited

Fantasy character from The Book People Chronicles of a castle with many faces and arms made of books
We are A. Castle. My sister Castles and I send messengers back and forth daily, but our real mode of communication is kept secret from the messengers and all others who would read of our books and use our knowledge for unsavory purposes.

Are you taking eggsactly the right steps and reading eggssactly the right books to become eggsactly the cosmic yolk you want to become?

Give me a name. Give me a story. Give me existence.

The sunny side of an eggsacting skyline, captured immediately before the hard-boiled buildings became toast.

Blue Djinn

I am a genie with many bottles that contain genies with many bottles that contain genies….

As she shook her head from side to side, her scrolls scrunched up instinctively into wads of paper, the words unreadable to anyone other than immediate family.

Her dull story scrolled listlessly across the landscape, then produced a golden plum which made it all worth while.


The moon rEyes over the tomed cities of eggs-is-tense.

I am a closed book, made up of many stories. Come closer and I will capture your story in my library.