Contest and Fundraising Idea for Writers: the complete concept

Funding for education in America is in a crisis. Together we can implement inspirational ideas to help with this immensely important issue. This proposal presents creative ways to raise funds for public libraries and schools, involve students and have a beautiful online or physical community event at the same time. Really good ideas always involve community.

The Idea

I have started a story and created 47 characters and locations. I would like others to write the adventures of the characters and locations I have drawn in The Book People. A book will be created with the stories and their related images and sold online as a fund raiser for the San Francisco Public Library. Or, if a group of people wish to fund raise for a different cause, their stories can be consolidated into one book and either sold online or the desired number of books can be printed for a physical fund raiser.

The Story

Page Turner and her colleague, Doña Read, live in a small traveling suburb called Read Riding Hood. They must get to Pyreadmid City to visit the sage, Ms. Tree, for reasons still unknown, but are being thwarted by the mood of Read Riding Hood, who is not only a city millions of times larger than they are, she is also a personality with hopes, dreams and plans of her own.

As a product of her generation of towns, Hood is irresistibly drawn to a huge concert called Bookstock, where other towns would be inhaling letters, words, even entire phrases. The Librarian only knows what all of these new ideas would mean to the microscopic cosmos which had created the towns and of whom Page and Doña were members. Think of the memory needed to store the thoughts!

After many grand adventures with outlandish characters in outlandish places, a stranger named Bea Hive helps them change the direction of their town as they learn to write their own stories and discover when they have had too much ink.

The Characters

Nameless character, building or city

Please see my photo album entitled Book People to

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The Future

This concept lends itself to specific populations. It would be extremely interesting to compare the book created to fund raise for UC Berkeley by the Philosophy 101 class to the one created by inmates of Folsom Prison.

I use print-on-demand printing services so books can be ordered as sold and can be ordered online with the proceeds automatically sent to the organization. There are many reputable publishers, however, who create beautiful books for much less if you are willing to take a gamble and order 250 copies or more.

Perhaps we can take this one step further and create videos, an online series, to also be posted here. Perhaps someone like Ron Howard or David E. Kelley will see these videos and make a tv series out of them, using the talent from the videos and sending a percent of the profits to the organization chosen for a specific episode or season. Aspiring actors, actresses, directors, etc. would have a chance for their work to be shown, plus the regular employees of a television series would still have their jobs. Since the concept lends itself to populations, the stories would be infinite, just like Everything Else. Perhaps I won’t even have to contact Ron Howard or David E. Kelley. Perhaps they will see this idea, recognize its potential and…perhaps they will contact me!

I respectfully submit this story outline to the world to see what stories are returned to me.

  • I have added posts for each character under the page Characters. Please add your stories as comments under your main character. Be sure to tag them with your organization’s name if you would like them to be a special book project.


  •  You can see all Book People at one time by clicking the Book People link at the right or the link above. I named some of the characters, but most of them are in need of good names.

Sincerely, Sarah J. Curtiss, Grace Art Group